Free Electronic Document Distribution

GraniteCor provides governmental agencies and non-profit organizations with a convenient, free method to share documents (up to ten pages) with the public over the internet.

Example documents would include school schedules, manuals, reports, budgets, etc …. This service is intended for documents that do not change frequently. Contact us if you would like to share documents longer than ten pages and we can establish a quote for this service.

Using our GraniteCor website we can build a page for your organization whereby your documents are hosted and available to the public for downloading.


GraniteCor Chairs

GraniteCor manufactures quality, hand-crafted wooden chairs of all types and designs. Our facilities are equipped to produce a wide varieties of designs with great efficiency and detail. Our ability to rapidly customize projects to a customer’s needs helps us provide a high degree of flexability and service.

Custom Calendar Design and Printing Services

GraniteCor designs and prints custom calendars for New Hampshire State Agencies / Communities / Schools and Non-Profit Organizations throughout the state. Our graphic arts department utilizes artistic calendar templates we have created inhouse and can easily add your photos and text to a calendar design to produce a custom calendar for your organization.

Click here to see an example of the GraniteCor 2013 Calendar

Our print shop produces the calendars using state-of-the-art digital printing equipment and can deliver your custom calendars to your doorstep. We can produce as few as 100 calendars to as many as several thousand.
Our Calendars Are Affordable
Our starting price for 11 wide x 8.5 tall calendars begin at $10 each with a minimum order of 100. This price includes adding your photos to the calendar and retouching / adding artistic touches to your photos and graphics to make the calendar an exceptional marketing / promotional tool. The price includes minor revisions to the design and proofs.

Calendars are a great way to keep your message in front of your audience year-round
Some of our customers even produce calendars as part of fund-raisers. As each calendar is customized the photos and graphics have intrinsic value and meaning for the intended recipient and audience.


The example pages below show some of the calendar themes we offer.

We’ll create a custom cover for your calendar … … and a custom inside cover …
… as well as a custom inside page … … and back cover of the calendar.
Above graphic shows the photo page for November. We can include several photos on each month’s photo page as well as a small paragraph of copy.
This is November’s calendar month showing holiday graphics and lunar cycles as well as the previous and next month. We can also include website addresses and contact information on both the photo page and calendar month pages.
We also offer large 22 wide by 17.5 tall calendars that can hang on the wall or be placed on the desk in blotters. These are produced in higher quantities and are typically one or two color projects. Call for a custom quote on this style of calendar. The example below shows you one of the available styles we have for this type of work.
We can design ad spaces on each month to display information on products and services you offer. At the back of the calendar we can also offer a ‘Looking Forward’ page that displays the next year’s calendar dates.
We hope you’ll contact us and allow us to produce a custom calendar for your organization.

Cordwood and Kindling

Do you like inmates being productive and not just sitting around?  We do too.  GraniteCor employs inmates to hand cut, hand split, and stack hard firewood, hard cord wood, and hard kindling.  As you can see from these pictures, our wood is high quality, organized for easy measurement, and fully seasoned.

Our cord hardwood is cut in lengths ranging from 18″ to 22″ and is made-up of seasoned split-hardwood. We can deliver within 20 miles of Concord, New Hampshire. Our kindling and campfire wood is in sturdy net onion bags for your convenience and inspection.  Our truck can carry up to four cords per delivery.

The energy content in wood is greatly affected by the moisture content and density of the wood, because the moisture does not contain stored energy – only the dry portion. For example, hardwood and softwood at 50% moisture content will have about 4,700 Btu/lb whereas the same wood at 20% moisture will contain about 6,200 Btu/lb. The same is true with wood chips — 4,000 Btu/lb green and 7,400 Btu/lb dry. Hardwood has about twice the density of softwood and therefore twice the heat content. The same is true with wood chips – 4,000 Btu/lb green and 7,400 Btu/lb dry. Density of the wood is important if you are buying wood on a volume basis, such as by the cord (128 cubic feet). Hardwood has about twice the density of softwood and therefore twice the heat content per unit volume.


Home Furniture Crafting

Home Furniture Crafting

GraniteCor Furniture Crafting produces high-quality hand-crafted wood furniture products for your home. We manufacture wood products using old-fashioned craftsmanship for which New Hampshire is famous. If you’re looking for hand-crafted workmanship, we can provide you with an excellent source of products to meet your every need.

GraniteCor uses solid woods such as ash, oak, walnut, cherry, mahogany, spruce and certain exotic woods when the project calls for it. Unlike many manufacturers that use partical board and inferior grade wood and mass construction techniques, we use solid wood and traditional techniques (dove-tail joints, etc …) to craft a quality unique piece you’ll value for generations.

We custom manufacture bookcases, computer stations, tables and desks, and credenzas, as well as custom crafted projects.

These are just a few examples of what we can do for you:

Victorian Tables

Writing Desks


Fishing Cabinets

Gun Cabinets

Laundry Cabinets

Children’s Twin Beds

Coat and Boot Racks

Breakfast Sets


Bedroom Sets

Dowry Chests

Adirondac Chairs

Stands and Cabinets


Round Pedestal Tables

Concealed Cat Litter Box Cabinets

Concealed Cat Litter Box Stands



Corner Tables

Coming Soon: Promotional Graphics

Coming Soon: Promotional Graphics

GraniteCor is pleased to announce that in the near future we’ll be able to offer cutting-edge promotional graphics that can be printed in large format using our new HP DesignJet 26500. With this new printer we can generate gorgeous point-of-purchase display posters, outdoor weather-proof event banners and signage, large-format graphics and color decals for vehicles. You will also be able to order soft signage and light box transparency prints


This new capability is ideally suited for meeting the needs of communities throughout New Hampshire to promote town events, fairs and both indoor and outdoor sporting events and community gatherings.

State service vehicles, police cars, utility vehicles and others will benefit from the durable latex large-format decal graphics that this printer will offer. GraniteCor will now be able to provide a cost-effective solution to assist governmental agencies with applying decals to their fleet of vehicles.

type setting and design

Professional Typesetting and Design Services

We have a department offering professional typesetting and design services with over 20 years experience creating custom artwork including brochures, posters, forms and even business cards and envelopes. Even if you already have your own printing services, we can do the front-end design work for you. We even offer copy development and writing services.